Great Things are Happening!

Changes are Taking Place Here at IFBSI!

Our Site is being Improved!!

Please be patient, as we are reworking our website.

Some of the links may still not work right now. Over the next few weeks, these links will become active.

Please be patient, as we rework our site and bring back critical and new features.



You've probably noticed the name change.
All business activities are continuing as usual, just with a different business name. We've decided to refocus on the intricate inner workings of accounting and business transactions in the financial arenas. Therefore, by refocusing, we are actually redefining our mission to "defining truth in finances and accounting." This change is effective as of July 1, 2014, as the former corporation is being phased out during the month of July, 2014.


This huge decision and transition is planned to be complete by the end of July, 2014. All current Integrity Financial & Bookkeeping Solutions, Inc. clients will automatically be transitioned over to the new corporation with the biggest change being the name on the invoices, proposals, and engagement packages.


We are still in the process of adding some new features and reworking our entire website. Please be patient as we begin our process of "going green" with our daily processes. Some of these changes will allow our customers to access services like electronic mileage log app, file and receipt scan upload staging area, scheduling calendar, and area for current open projects. For some clients, we are also adding another area for project management for their company, which will tie into our new database system which we is planned to roll out by the end of July, 2014. Over the next few weeks, several new features and links will become live. We thank you for your continued patience as we work on our website.


July 1, 2014 -- Changes!

Effective immediately, IFBSI is now Insight Financial & Bookkeeping Solutions, Inc. IFBSI's owner desired to refocus the business in the direction of defining the truth in Finance & Accounting! So many people try to avoid handling their finances and accounting for businesses and personal in such a manner as to avoid flagging the IRS, or they've made decisions that have cost more than necessary in the past for taxes when they have had plenty of deductions. Many people don't know this because they are not informed (Not necessarily because of poor decisions)!



Upcoming in July 2014:

Some new concepts that will be introduced soon include:


*** New Service & Packages

    (Including the following):

     -- Hosted QuickBooks

     -- Remote Accessibility to

         reduce travel time & costs.

     -- Emergency Remote Assist

         (Through GotoAssist)

     -- Secure File Sharing

         (Through Sharefile)

     -- Redundancy File Backup

         (Multiple Sites & Cloud)

     -- Electronic Signature



... And more coming soon!

Also, classes and seminars will be posted in the calendar soon.

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